YouTube Application

Requirements & Benefits

The only requirement needed to be an OmniKraft YouTuber is to upload videos on a regular basis featuring the community of OmniKraft.  To provide us a good representation of how often you upload and the quality of your videos, we'll need to see a least of a month's worth of videos.  What we're mostly looking for is videos featuring OmniKraft in some fashion, but we'll also evaluate other videos you have on your channel.  We like to share content of other games as well as long as they follow the community rules.

The benefits you receive as an official YouTube for the community is that you'll be featured on our Supporters page, you'll have a rank in Teamspeak which will allow you to create temporary channels for recording, and all your content that is appropriate for all audiences will be shared on the OmniKraft channel.  You will also have a red name on the servers and have similar perks to purchased ranks as listed here.


Our Application Process

To submit an application for entrance to our servers, you'll need to copy these questions and paste them in a new thread in our Applications forum.  In the subject line of the thread, you must put your in-game name and YouTube (IGN - YouTube).  If you or someone who is already a member of the community ask staff to check your application, or ask when we will, or if you fail to follow these directions as stated here, your application will be denied.  Failure to provide all necessary information, to ask about having someone check your application or to provide short or incomplete answers show us that you aren't fully invested in the rank.  If your application is approved, we will reply with an approved message and move your application thread to the Approved forum.


Rank Agreement

By submitting this application, you agree to post content on your YouTube channel on a regular basis as it pertains to OmniKraft. The YouTube rank is a privilege of providing a form of advertising for the OmniKraft community. If it is found you are not uploading OmniKraft specific content on a regular basis, the rank will be removed and you will be reverted to your previously held rank.


YouTube Rank Questions

1) What is your in-game name?

2) What is the address to your YouTube or Twitch channel?

3) What type of videos do you plan to upload and for what games?

4) What is your current upload schedule?

5) How would you describe your channel?

6) How do you feel this rank will help you grow your channel?

7) What would you like to see us do to help promote you?