Whitelist Application

Before Submitting an Application, Please Read this Post!!!  https://omnikraft.net/node/16947-big-announcement


Our Application Process


Please allow for up to 48 hours after the submission of your application for a member of staff to review it and either make a decision or ask any follow up questions. If questions by staff aren't answered within three days of being posted, your application will be denied due to unresponsiveness.  Applications will only be reviewed and considered for approval if the application is submitted properly as stated below.  Duplicate applications, or applications posted in the wrong forums will be denied.  The more  thorough you provide your answers, the better your chances are of your application be accpeted in a timely manner.

To submit an application for entrance to our servers, you'll need to copy these questions and paste them in a new thread in our Applications forum.  In the subject line of the thread, you must put what server you are applying for as well as your in-game name.  If you or someone who is already a member of the community ask staff to check your application, or ask when we will, or if you fail to follow these directions as stated here, your application will be denied.  Failure to provide all necessary information, to ask about having someone check your application or to provide short answers or imcomplete show us that you aren't fully invested to be a member of this community.

If your application is approved, we will reply with an approved message and move your application thread to the Approved forum.  At that time, you'll be able to join the server.  If there is an issue with the whitelisting, or have other concerns, please submit a report here.


Server Information

SMP: 1.11 - Whitelist <
Modded: 1.7 - Whitelist <

Whitelist Questions (New Members Only)

1) How or where did you find our community?

2) What about our community interested you in joining?

3) What type of server did you play before, and why are you looking now?  

4) What is the inspiration your in-game name, what does it mean to you?

5) What is/are your hobby(s), what got you started in them?

6) If you could meet anyone (fictional or non-fictional), who would it be and why?

7) What is your favorite game and what does that make you good at?

8) What is one thing you're most proud of in your life, and why?

9) What does our community rule mean to you?


Whitelist Questions (Current Members Only)

1) Why are you interested in joining this server?

2) What could we add or change to the community to make it more fun?