Server Status & Voting

OmniKraft is one of many Minecraft servers out there, and many players rely on server lists to decide which server they are going to join. New players especially use search engines to find their first server and the higher rated we are, the more likely we will be at the top of results.

Server lists provide basic information about a server:

  • The up-time of the server and how long it has been around.
  • The rank of the server with the listing service.
  • The type of server it is and what it offers.
  • Other server information such as version, description, etc.

The rank of a server is calculated based on the number of votes that a server gets, and this is where you come in. By voting for OmniKraft on a number of server lists, you can help promote the server, improve its rank, increase it's relevance and get more people to join.

By voting, not only are you helping OmniKraft out, you also earn items in-game and XP.