Staff of the Month

With our focus on being a community driven server, we are proud to announce that our community has a say in the staff that are selected to be exmplified each month. We want to recognize the effort that is put forth by our staff team in supporting this community and helping us be unique. We also want to provide a personal touch in the staff selected by providing a response in how this staff member has helped or made a difference to someone. If you would like to share how any of the staff below have made a difference to you, please contact Kryptix and he'll add it for you!

To vote for a staff member on the website, you can submit one here:

HeyTheCanadian | Mar 2017
He helped me out of something very bad, when I came to him, because I saw his post about mental illness, talking to some one you don't know helped me open my eyes for something I was creating. He saved me from the dark as you can say it. I can't thank Canadian and the community more for all they have done, you are a legend Canadian and you earned this a 10000%, and good freaking luck on your future I love your work and I hope you become something big one day! [Anonymous]

garathnor | Feb 2017
He has always been open to help anyone, it is great having someone that you can rely on whether it is something related with hacks or really anything. Garathnor is the person that you can rely on to help you when in a bad mood or just need to be cheered up. [ExplosionMC]

TheGreatNaj | Jan 2017
What Naj does that helps me is put up with my humor. I have a fairly dry sense of humor but at least Naj can put up with it. Thank you Naj for all the help you have given to the community. [ShawnTheSGPro]

MrPeppah | Dec 2016
He handled the DDoS attack like a BOSS while also keeping us updated, and in general, he is a GREAT person! Last season, he decorated my house with a lot of pink glass and some end rods, and what did I do? I kept it. Because it was awesome. Pep let me keep it too. Thank you Pep for all you have done for us as a whole. Much love goes to you. [RoughRider360]

deeleigh | Nov 2016
I like her humor and how she deals with the problems. Fast, friendly and helps everyone in need. One of the nicest people who I met in the online world over the years and personally I LOVE her cakes. [AlchemyHunter]

Opterongeek | Oct 2016
I've never met someone who's been more dedicated to building up a server than Opterongeek. You can easily see the passion that Opt shows in building the server, and in the new mod pack. His dedication knows no bounds. [Kryptix]

PyroFin | Sep 2016
Pyro has shown his skill in leadership by being the mayor of a town on the SMP server for two seasons. He's always quick to help and makes everyone feel welcome when they log into the server. [Kryptix]

DragoJoeYM | Aug 2016
Drago has a drive to help other's. That is one of his best qualities as staff. Whenever he is on the server, he is so positive! That positivity is contagious! [Kryptix]

DiamondFlare | July 2016
Diamond has been a member of the community for over two years! Since the first day she joined the community, she has made a difference to many of us. Diamond is one of the few who has exmplified the core principles of the community and to be committed to that. [Kryptix]