Community & Server Rules

We believe less is more, our main rule here is "don't be a jerk".  We are a friendly and close-knit community, more like family actually.  We don't tolerate jerks in this family because it takes away the enjoyment of playing games together.  

What does it mean to be a jerk?

 - You don't keep chat or language G rated.
 - You spam other members with obnoxious requests or comments.
 - You swear, say derogatory or offensive comments to other members.
 - You lie, cheat or steal from/to other members.
 - You bother staff for items, perks or OP.
 - You create drama about other members or the community itself.
 - You bother other members, or are pushy, about other places to play on.
 - You impersonate staff or try to act as an authority figure.
 - You do something that detracts from the enjoyment of other members.
 - You AFK at any kind farm for long periods of time with lots of entities and causing lag.
 - You record others in Teamspeak without their permission.
 - You play music or any other loud and/or disruptive sounds, or use a voice changer.
 - You interrupt or talk over others.
 - You use excessive caps to get attention.

To be a great member of our community, it means you're respectful of your other members and of the community as a whole.  If there is an issue with another member, staff or something with the servers, let us know in either the "Report a Problem" forum or to staff directly.  If you want to remain anonymous or feel uncomfortable saying something publicly or to a specific staff member, let Kryptix or MrPeppah know.  We want to ensure everyone is having the best experience possible.

If you do anything that constitutes as "being a jerk" as it says above, we reserve the right to remove you from the community, temporarily or permanently, in order to preserve the enjoyment for the rest of our members.