I've been saying for a while now, that I need a new skin, but I can never find the time to make one. Primarily due to work, home life, or more recently, helping moderate SMP.

Instead, I thought, what better way to get a new skin, than to have the community voluntarily make one, while staying within OmniKraft rules and regulations. There's also a twist, I'm also going to be asking all of you, with omnikraft, to vote on the contestants, and the one with the most votes, wins. What do you get for participating, or even winning? Well, there will be a variety of prizes offered (listed below.)

Website Maintenance

The website was in maintenance mode for 10 min today, between 6:40-6:50pm EDT.  This was to run updates to the core platform of the website.  There was no security concerns with this update, it was a bug fix update.  Thank you for your patience.