Improve your YouTube Video Visibility in the Forums

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Improve your YouTube Video Visibility in the Forums

It's wonderful to see so many of you posting your videos in the YouTube forum.  It's a bit extra work, but it's a great way to everyone to see your videos.  I wanted to provide some tips on how you can increase the visibility of your videos.

  • Embed your videos!

The best way to get visitors to watch your videos is to embed them!  Simply copy the link of your video into the Video fields when making a new post and it'll embed your video for you!


  • Provide a description and some context on the video!

How is anyone going to know what your video is about if you don't have a description?  You do this for YouTube, why not provide that here as well?  Let us know what's going on so and why we should watch it.  

The more you share with us about your videos and make it easier to watch, the more of the community members will see it and the higher the odds it will be featured on the home page!