Update with Custom Structures, VentureTextures, and Structure Questing

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Update with Custom Structures, VentureTextures, and Structure Questing

I decided to write up this post to talk about the stuff I've been working on, or at least trying to. Currently, progress on designing the custom structures and VentureTextures is abysmally slow. The reason why is that my laptop is most definitely reaching the end of its fully functional life. I've had it since 8th grade, which means it's 4 years old (at least that old). Recently my USB ports have truly started failing, registering anything very rarely. This means I can't use my wireless mouse and am forced to either use the built-in trackpad (which is really awful), try to get the USB ports to read the wireless connector, or just not use the laptop. Currently I'm waiting for my new laptop to come in, hopefully that won't be long.

Despite the issues this laptop has given me, I have made progress with the structures, mostly with their file names, creating folders for multi-part structures, and cleaned up some commands for them. I have made some progress on VentureTextures, but creating textures is definitely easier with my mouse. For the 32x32 version, I'll try to get all the completed files put together and release it, but I do want to add a few more textures before I release version 1.0 of it. A final note is that the custom Advancements I've made have been put on hold until a later date. The main issue with them is obtaining them (currently the only way to give them to players is via command blocks), so as soon as I find a better way to grant them, I'll try rewriting the commands and do more testing with them.

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Keep up the great work!

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