An Update with Dee

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An Update with Dee

I wanted to give the community an update with Dee.  In case anyone was concerned since she hasn't been around.  Dee is doing fine, life has just thrown her a curve ball lately.  She has been recently changed to night shift at her job.  Night shift isn't the easiest with a schedule, which means she hasn't been able to get on for a while now.  I was able to get a hold of her yesterday.  With her change in schedule and the changes coming from the community, I feel it's best to demote Dee as staff so this is one less thing for her to worry about.  Dee has done an amazing job as a member of the team and I hope everyone can give her a big thanks and a virtual hug when you see her!

Marcus Stockley
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Dee's been an amazing staff member! It's sad to see her go but I completely understand that it's the best decision :)


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Good luck Dee and server the customers well! Hopefully we wilkl see you around here and there and time to time! Take care!



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Thanks, guys (:

Dee to the Diamond
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I'm sad to see Dee is leaving. Good luck and I hope to still see you around.