New Voting Rewards for TFC

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New Voting Rewards for TFC

As promised, new voting rewards are coming and the first server is TerraFirma!  A big thanks to FlyinMicroWalrus for feedback on suggested items.  With every vote, you will receive a maple sapling.  This will be to help you get wood needed to progress in the game.  Besides that, you will also receive one of many items possible for a lucky vote.  The first set of items available for lucky votes are all the other saplings available in the game, including fruit trees.  Most saplings have a 1:15 (1 in 15) chance while three rare saplings have a 1:60 chance.  All fruit trees are a 1:30 chance.

The next set of lucky vote rewards are seeds.  All crop seeds have a 1:40 chance.  The last set of lucky vote items are ores, all are of normal quality.  All but two ores are a 1:50 chance while two rarer ones are 1:75.  At this time, there are 70 items available for lucky votes. 

Now for cumulative votes.  To get these rewards, you need to reach a specific number of votes.  There are currently 6 cumulative vote reward packs.  Yes, I said packs.  Each level of cumulative reward levels comes with several items.  The levels are 28, 56, 84, 112, 140 and 168.  This works out to 4 votes a day for a week.  The first 5 levels will reward you with saplings, which means once you've reached 140 votes, you will have earned 1 of all the possible saplings in TFC.  The current last level will reward you with 4 wrought iron tools!

Expect this to be expanded over time.  Since this is the first time for us trying the expanded rewards, please let me know if there are any bugs.