Swearing among the community

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Swearing among the community

Recently on OmniKraft i have noticed alot of people saying: "Oh my lord" "Oh god" "Jesus Christ".

I myself am not Christian and do not take any offense to this, although i have many friends that are and i imagine many people on OmniKraft do take offense to this.

I wanted to see what the general feedback the community has towards this and what the staff think about it. Should this be a problem? Should it be left alone?

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I haven't seen anyone get up in arms about it. Typically if there is a major issue we can handle it, but if people become bothered they tend to say stop or not to say it.

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Yeah, those aren't really considered swearing. I am a Christian, but this doesn't necessarily bug me as long as I'm not related to it

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I wouldnt think its a big deal.