Small Teaser for the upcoming Mobarena! Dangerous!

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Small Teaser for the upcoming Mobarena! Dangerous!

Hey guys just want to keep you guys excited for the upcoming map for the MobArena! I just want to tell you guys that I am working hard on it to satisfy you guys as much as I can! 

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Looks coolio

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Looks awesome! Very excited

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is this part of one of the arenas? its looking very cool, cant wait :D

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I like how this is going. Before when I've played Mob Arenas, it's really just a room with a few little structures and just waves of mobs.

Based on how these shots look, it seems like it'll be progressing on as you move along a map instead of being in the same spot. I like that! I see parkour too, which worries me due to my lack of skill :P.

Also are we allowed to know the Minecraft version of this server? Because 1.9 or over will make a huge difference in the way we play. cough aimbot skeletons cough

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It'll most likely be 1.11 since it's the newest version.

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