CMP Beta Update - Jan 5

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CMP Beta Update - Jan 5

There is some news to share from the desk of opterongeek!  Today, he posted the below in the #cmp-beta channel on Discord.  What does that mean in layman's terms?  Adding more memory to the next version of CMP may not give you much more performance.  The results are still early, so stay tuned for Opt to do some heavy-duty testing on this!  The next bit of news should bring some smiles to many of you who've done this on accident.  Opt has said he found a resolution to the key binding crashing in the next version!  For those who accidently hit Z or B on Modded now, you'll be greeted with a crashed client.  This is due to a conflict with mods trying to take priority of that key press and the mod pack pukes over iteself.

Stay tuned for more info!

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Correction if you hit ANY key besides W,A,S,D,E,Q,T you would crash.

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I love the use of the word "pukes" in this post.  

Super_Sheep pretty much nailed that one on the head.  ;)  


More news:  If you're not using Fastcraft, you're suffering needlessly.  (Seriously, the spreadsheet I'm making is yuge)

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