Welcome to the Community Mod Pack (CMP)!

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Welcome to the Community Mod Pack (CMP)!

CMP is the work of our Modded manager, opterongeek.  The idea for CMP came about by having a pack that focuses in bringing together mods that the OmniKraft community suggest and vote on.  This is why the pack is called the Community Mod Pack (it's also a jab at SMP) is because the community is involved in helping us choose what is in the pack.  Because the pack is focused on what you want, your feedback is critical to ensure this pack is the best it can be!  Now onto how you can get the pack and how to get started on the server.

Installing and Running CMP

> First step is to check if you are running Java 8, the 64-bit edition.  This is necessary to allocate more memory to Technic.  You can download Java here: https://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp

> To run CMP, you will need to install the Technic Launcher.  You can download Technic here: http://www.technicpack.net/download

> Once Technic is installed, you'll need to assign more memory to the launcher.  At the main Technic screen (after you sign in), click on the Launcher Options at the top-right, below the close X button.  In the Launcher Options window, select Java Settings and allocate at least 2 GB of memory.

> Click on the Modpacks button at the top of the Technic Launcher and in the Add Pack or Search box, type in "OmniKraft: CMP".  You will see the community logo pop-up to know it's the right pack.  Select the pack and install it.  You can verify you found the correct pack by going here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/omnikraft-cmp.898298

> While the pack is loading, it's important to keep in mind that it may take a few minutes on some systems for the pack to load.  Even if it looks like the progress bar is frozen, give it some time to load.  Some systems can load the pack in a few seconds, others can take a few minutes.

Common Issues with Running CMP

> Ensure you're running the latest Java with the 64-bit edition, this is to allow for allocating more memory to the launcher.

> Ensure you have at least 2GB of memory allocated.

> Allowing time for the launcher to load, it can take a few minutes to get to the main Minecraft screen.

> The game will crash when certain keys are pressed due to conflicts with key bindings with the mods.   Please re-map the keys Z and B.

How to Start Adventuring with CMP

Now that you're on the server, there is one important note to keep in mind.  Iguana Tweaks is installed to modify Tinker's Construct.  This means that you cannot craft any wooden tools.  It does mean that the beginning can be tricky for the first time modder.  To help you get started, go to this post by opterongeek (https://omnikraft.net/node/13743) and skip to the 5 min mark, the video will show you how to build your first tools.

More Info About CMP

Usually the first question from any veteran modder is what is disabled on the server.  For those who are new to mods, some mods have features that are game breaking for servers.  Features such as bypassing protections (like spawn and PvP), others are highly unbalanced and give too much without a lot of work.  Other times, items can just crash the server the moment it's crafted or placed into the world.  To see a full list, check opterongeek's post here: https://omnikraft.net/node/13721

How to Become a Master Modder

For those who are new to modding, it can be overwhelming, there are a lot of mods to learn.  The first tip is to focus on one or two mods at at time and learn their progression tree.  Playing a modpack isn't a sprint, it's a marathon.  Don't sweat when starting that you won't know the best method for building or gathering resources.  It usually takes a few seasons (new maps) for someone to become a veteran modder and have a good understanding of the best practices for the mods.  Take it slow by learning a few to start and asking lots of questions.  Everyone on the server has started at one point knowing nothing, so they understand it's tricky at first, and they are willing to help you out.

Welcome to Modded

Now that you know the basics, jump on the server, start exploring and building!  There is a lot for you to do and a ton for you to learn!  Even if you think you've made it to the end game, there is still tons to learn.  If you're not sure where to progress next, just ask Shiroo or opterongeek, they'll point you in the right direction!