Thaumcraft: Second Staff Crafting

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Thaumcraft: Second Staff Crafting

This is a warning to all Thaumaturges.

There is a second method to making staffs, which provides a 50% increase to VIS storage. You craft it just as you would a scepter, except with a staff core.

Here's the warning... don't do it. It's a waste of materials and time. Whereas yes, it does provide an increase to VIS storage, it also maintains the properties of both staff and scepter, which means it cannot use a FOCUS, nor can it be used for crafting... as such, it's nothing more than an over-glorified, and somewhat stronger stick.

You have been warned.

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If you could spare the resources, mabey you could justify making one and only using it to jar up nodes since it takes quite alot of vis for that