Modded's Economy, Towns and You

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Modded's Economy, Towns and You

This is a general rundown on the Economy aspect of modded and how it ties into your playing. 


The nice thing about modded's economy is that it's not required for you to enjoy the server.  If you'd rather not focus on the financial aspect, that's your decision.  However, if you decide that you want to form a town on Modded, then your participation is unavoidable.


This is where CMP splits off from Omnitech: Magical Dabblings. 


In CMP, there will be no player shops at spawn.  Instead, we'll have kiosks where you can sell items to the server that are in high demand.  These items will help aspiring mayors raise the capital necessary to form a town.  Player-run shops are encouraged, details below.

General Rules with the financial system: 

- No open discussion on how "rich" you are - you can have the most credits on the server, we don't want to hear about it.  Keep it to yourself. 

- "Financial Crimes" - i.e. anything to do with taking advantage of the economy will result in immediate removal from the server.  Bugfixes are fine, but obvious and blatant abuse of the system will result in an immediate permanent ban. No appeal chances. 

- Towns are run by the mayors who raise the capital and form the town legitimately through a server staff member.  Players will not have the ability to form towns, and all towns will be subject to a set of guidelines to be released later.  Towns cannot be "taken over" unless all parties (including any residents) approve the transfer of ownership.  Hostile takeovers are not supported and will result in consequences if abused.

- The initial cost of forming a town is $250. 

- Daily upkeep is run by the plugin, ensure that you leave enough money in your town bank to meet the daily upkeep requirement.  We'll have it set to something fair, but attainable.  Keep in mind the upkeep scales with the number of residents you have, so it is imperative that you only invite people who will be interested in seeing your town succeed.  

- Town-roles:  If you are going to have roles for various heads of the city (treasurer, secretary, etc) ensure that you outline all requirements BEFORE the player accepts them.  Disputes around towns and their operations will always have the Mayor taking the defensive if you don't organize it properly.  It may be wise to join another town first and see how things operate before venturing off on your own.  

- Town Markets:  This is the beauty of CMP's auction / shop design (I hope at least!).  Instead of giving players a static plot at spawn, players can build whatever extravagant or plain marketplaces they want.  With so many town options already being proposed, the possibilities are endless.  Shopping for a new set of armor on a space station?  Sure, sounds like it may happen.  Buy a stack of yellorium fuel rods from an underground bunker somewhere in the north mountains?  Absolutely sounds like a possibility.  Since shops will be entirely the domain of the towns that choose to have them, for towns that participate (details coming later) the server will place a qCraft portal at spawn for your town, and visitors may effortlessly shop at their leisure.  Don't want to have unencorted guests?  No problem!  qCraft portals are optional!  Note that any town that uses a qCraft portal will be subject to standard server monitoring and grief protection.  Shop plots will not be maintained by the server or staff at all.  Rely on the tradebooth mod or use chests - up to you, however be aware that chests will not be as secure as the tradebooths.  

- Town Borders:  All Towns will form under the Omnikraft Nation and will be subject to her rule.  No exceptions. (even alternate dimensions/space-based bases)

- No excessive AFK farms at towns.  If you need to do something for resource generation that's fine, but nothing like 500-sheep wool farms and so forth.  Also please limit usage of conveyor belts and other associated "gathering" machines.  They cause server side lag, and any town or individual found to be using too many will be asked to have them removed or replaced. 

- AFKing on CMP is allowed since chunk loaders will only work with you online.  The prior statement on AFK farms simply means "keep it reasonable".  If unsure, ask!  We are MORE than happy to help you verify a farm's capacity or server load.  Staff members can even place a sign (which cannot be faked!) that the farm meets approval.  

- Towns are encouraged to "specialize" - find something you are all good at, and supply it for the server's needs.  One server event on the roster this time is to have cities compete in a resource generation specialty to help with a community build later.  Wouldn't it be nice to know that your town was the supplier for a much needed part? 





This post subject to change at any time.  It is player's responsibility to be up to date on the Modded ruleset.