Frequently Asked Questions

Would you check my whitelist application? | Link

We promise that we will read your's and all other applications within 48 hours of being submitted.  We have yet to break that promise.  Please do not ask staff to check your application or ask to check over another's application.  We respect that you or someone you know wants to join, please respect staff's time by allowing us to get to them when we are able to.  If you or a friend ask for a staff member to read the application, it detracts from our focus to help other members.  There is also a chance your's or your friend's application will be denied.

What mod pack does Modded use? How do I download it? | Link

Modded uses the OmniKraft: CMP modpack, made by our very own modded manager, opterongeek! You can download it through the Tekkit launcher by searching for CMP or going to this URL for more info:  If you were wondering, CMP stands for Community Mod Pack, because the pack's growth is dependent on the community's feedback for adding and removing mods.

Can we add a specific mod or plugin that I think would be great to add? | Link

We'd love to learn more about this mod or plugin you have in mind, so please share it in our Feedback & Suggestions forum so we can see what the rest of the community thinks!  It would be helpful if you would provide a link to what you want added so everyone can read about what it does.  The more detail you can provide on what this can do for the community and how you see it use will help us!

If I change my name do I have to reapply?  What about my donor rank? | Link

No, but if you plan to change your name it would be helpful to make a post in the forums.  This lets staff and other members know who you are. It's important to let a manager know if you change your name if you have a shop or donor rank, as those have to manually be updated.  If you don't have your rank after you have changed your name, wait until the next server reboot and it will be restored.  If a staff member is on, you can ask them to restore it as well.

What is a Dig Arena? | Link

The Dig Arena is our version of a treasure hunt. You'll be given tools at the start of the event and your goal is to dig up as many chests as you can find! Whatever you find in the arena, you get to keep, even the tools!  We hold a Dig Arena event once a month once our donation goal has been met.  We alternate each month the date and time we hold the event.  One month, we'll hold it on Fridays around 7 PM Eastern, the next month will usually be Saturday around 1 PM Eastern.  We do our best to hold events to allow for as many members as possible to play.  To see what the Dig Arena is like, you can watch this video by KoalaUnion (  There are a few things to keep in mind when participating in the Dig Arena:

  • You will lose all items in your inventory, make sure it's empty before entering the arena. Everything! Staff will not be responsible for lost items if you do not clear your inventory. You will not lose your XP.
  • You will be provided with the necessary tools to play.
  • You will not lose hunger during the event.
  • If you are caught cheating during the event, you will be removed and any items found will be removed.

To see when the Dig Arena is for your timezone, use this website:

What is the OmniKrate? Where do I use my key? Where can I get keys? | Link

The OmniKrate is chest that you can open with a special key! What you get from the chest is random.  To obtain a key you can purchase them here. Other ways you can obtain a key are from voting, in events or from your suggestions!  The items in the OmniKrate is suggested to us by the community!  If you want to see what's been suggested or suggest your own items, visit this post (

What is the server IP? | Link

All server IPs are listed under Server IPs at the top menu, or you can go here.  This is also where you can vote for our servers to help us attract more members and make new friends!

How can I find more information about commands on the servers? | Link

You can use the /help command in-game which offers some basic information, but also links to several resources on the site.  To see chat commands you can use on the servers, check out our permissions and command reference page.

What are the Stretch Goals and how do they work? | Link

They are a similar concept that is used for the various crowd-funding platforms like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter. Once our monthly goal has been reached (which covers our operating costs for that month), Kryptix will post a poll in the forums asking what the extra funds should go to. Once one of the Stretch Goals have been fully funded, Kryptix will take a holiday to work on the project. The Stretch Goal projects are determined by the length of time required to set them up. You can find the Stretch Goals being offered by clicking here.

What mods are approved for use on the servers? | Link

The simplest way to think about which mods are allowed are ones that don't give you abilities that allow you to find ores, chests or other goodies. Mods like xray (and resource packs), flying, climbing, speed and auto-attack are not allowed! When you are caught with these, you will be banned! Examples of ones that are approved are: OptiFine, Shaders, Minimaps (Zan's, Rei's, Journeymap, Xaero's), SchematicaInventoryTweaks and NotEnoughItems (in recipe mode). If you have a question on if a mod you want to use is accepted, message Kryptix.

Can I prank other players on the server?Link

Yes, we do allow pranking on our servers, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Below are our rules in regards to pranking. If you don't follow these rules, your actions will be considered griefing and you will be punished appropriately.  We want everyone to have fun, but anything that is considered harrassing, excessive or destructive will not be allowed as it'll hurt a member's experience on the server.  Be respectful and have fun pranking!

  • Pranks CANNOT INVOLVE DESTRUCTION of property or KILLING of any animals.
  • Use of lava, redstone or anything to create lag or to EXCESSIVELY DISRUPT members is NOT allowed.
  • You MUST LEAVE LEAVE A SIGN in an obvious place with your name and that you were the one behind the prank.
  • Pranks MUST NOT involve anything of an inappropriate nature.
  • If you prank someone, YOU CAN NOT REPORT a player pranking you back.
  • If a member requests or leave signs saying they don't want to be pranked, THEY CANNOT BE PRANKED.
  • If you don't want to be pranked, YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO PRANK, you're either in or out.

What are the Ender pack cards?Link

Basically, they are trading cards in Minecraft!  Kryptix creates the card packs, each contain several hundered cards to collect!  You can get these packs either by purchasing in the Shop (, with kits on the server, or purchasing with XP with an XP Trader.  The card pack was added as something fun to collect in-game and to show off!  They also go to support Kryptix for his work maintaining the community and updating the card pack with new expansions!  By purchasing them in the shop, you are supporting Kryptix!  Every other month, Kryptix will add an expansion to the card pack.  Expansions are built around themes, such as other games, or even Minecraft mods!  Each pack you get, you will receive 7 cards.  There are 6 levels of rarity with the cards:

  • White: Common
  • Yellow: Uncommon
  • Green: Rare
  • Blue: Epic
  • Red: Legendary
  • Purple: Misprints

Each card is also designated with a letter (except for misprints).  The letter is to there to say what the item is specifically with the expansion theme.  For example, the Minecraft pack has 3 designators. A = Achievements, I = Items, M = Mobs.  Each expansion will list what the letters designate.  If you're confused, go to the Shop to reference.

When or how often does the server reset? | Link

We don't have a set schedule of when our servers reset.  For SMP, we wait until a version of Minecraft is released (not snapshots).  Once the public version is released, a poll is created asking the community if they want the map to be reset.  The majority of the time, the map is reset when there is a major change to the world generation (new world features added).  This poll is done during the time while we wait for Spigot to supply a stable release of their server application.  Once there is a stable Spigot release, it is announced if the map will be reset (which is dependent on the poll).  For Modded, a map reset generally happens when there is a major update to the chosen modpack, or the modpack is changed.

How can I be a staff member? | Link

First things first, there is no application. Kryptix and MrPeppah don't have enough time in the day to evaluate applications. That, and it's not a good indicator of someone who would be a good fit for the team. The qualities we look for in a staff member are maturity, patience, resourcefulness and assertiveness. To be a staff member means you're in a position of high expectations and demands. You'll be asked many questions, often repeating answers. You'll be asked to check on problems large and small. You'll be asked to evaluate builds. Basically, everyone in the community will expect you to help when they need it and watch you with a keen eye. Everyone is looking to us to address conflicts and to always be able to help. As Uncle Ben in Spiderman says "With great power comes great responsibility", that saying resonates with the staff team we have. If you think you're ready to be in a position of high regard and high expectations and have been with the community for at least 4 months, please contact Kryptix or MrPeppah. We will start a discussion with the whole staff team to evaluate if we feel you'll be a good fit.