About Us

What is OmniKraft and Why Are We Special?

   OmniKraft is first and foremost a community built around Minecraft.  We focus on offering a small server feel for our members where everyone knows each other, where we greet you when you log in and we want to get to know you and be a friend.  What makes us different from other SMP (survival multi-player) servers or Minecraft servers in general is that we are fully transparent on how the servers and community are managed, and that we evaluate opinions and suggestions offered by the community.  

   For us to be transparent means that almost every decision that is made that effects the community is announced publicly, we deliver monthly financial reports discussing where all our donation money goes and we discuss potential plans for the future with all members.  We offer several ways for our members to discuss opinions and suggestions, such as our forums, social media and private discussions as necessary.  We realize that our members are our greatest strength, and we want to make it as easy and safe as possible to allow for new ideas and feedback to be brought into a discussion so the community as a whole can decided what is the best ideas.  While not all ideas can be used, it allows the owners insight into what direction is the best for growth for OmniKraft.

   To be member focused, that means our member's needs are always above anything the community does, and that it makes as much of a positive outreach as possible.  Our staff are not just moderators and admins, but we are friends and family.  If one of our members is having a bad day, we do what we can to cheer them up, or offer an ear to listen, it all depends on what that member needs.  We ensure any new features are as balanced as possible, so that no one feels cheated or singled out.  We also ensure that even with perks offered through donations don't provide any edge to gameplay, we refuse to be a pay-to-win server or put our donors into a position where those who can't donate don't feel like they aren't as good.



The Founders and Creation of OmniKraft

   Before OmniKraft was even created, the first hint of it's existence came about by Kryptix and Jon1rocks (left and bottom-middle).  The two friends decided to create a new spawn for a server they were both staff for, NewKraft.  They built up the Ledgewind Island that was the first spawn used for OmniKraft.  Just as that spawn was completed, the original owner of NewKraft, Wolfie, shut down the server without notice.  Kryptix, Jon1rocks and Shrimpyzillaa (middle-top) re-grouped to decided what to do.  Once the three decided to rebuild the community from the ashes of NewKraft, OmniKraft was officially born on June 16, 2013.  On that day, a website was created on Enjin to re-group what was left of the community from NewKraft.  The name OmniKraft was agreed upon by the three founders and work began to build the community under this new name.

The First Steps

   OmniKraft became official on July 18, as on that day in 2013 is when the domain omnikraft.net was purchased. Kryptix was the one who developed the website (and continues to do), Jon1rocks handled the management of the servers and plugins while Shirmpyzillaa handled the community management as he was the co-owner on NewKraft, and everyone knew and respected him.  

   OmniKraft's first server levreged the multi-verse plugin to allow for a new playstyle that the founders wanted to try out.  The first server featured a Peaceful world which offered the Towny plugin for players to develop towns, cities and nations, PvP was only allowed in approved arenas.  Warzone was a Factions world, that offered full PvP, raiding and griefing.  Laslty, there was a Creative world that allowed players to build in Creative mode in plots to build whatever they wanted.

The Early Struggles

   OmniKraft's early days were a struggle.  The server was lucky to have five players on at a time.  At this time, Shrimpyzillaa was absent more often than not and left Kryptix and Jon1rocks to manage all aspects of the small community.  Around late August, Shrimpyzillaa met with Kryptix and Jon1rocks to announce he'd be stepping down.  He was burned out with Minecraft and had developed an interest in Team Fortress 2.  He passed along his ownership to Kryptix and Jon1rocks to lead OmniKraft.

   OmniKraft's first opportunity for growth became available from a previous NewKraft member who had started his own server after NewKraft had shut down.  CookieCraftMC owned a Factions server with raiding and griefing.  At that time, the server was struggling and CookieCraftMC had reached out to Kryptix and Jon1rocks to migrate his players to OmniKraft's raiding servers.  This influx of players gave OmniKraft it's first real growth since launching.  Unfortunately, that growth didn't last for long. 

   After a month, CookieCraftMC re-launched his Factions servers and the players had been playing on OmniKraft left to go back.  Not long after, the snapshots for Minecraft 1.7 were released.  A discussion was started by Kryptix to see if the community wanted to support a Snapshot server.  Even though the community had voted no, Kryptix decided to launch a Snapshot server anyway as there was enough funds.  The launch of that Snapshot server was what created the real growth into what OmniKraft is now.  That Snapshot server grew into OmniKraft's first SMP semi-Vanilla server and is now what is our SMP server.  It's this server that has set OmniKraft apart from other Minecraft server communities.

   Eventually Jon1rocks also left, with real life putting more pressure on his time, he eventually stepped down too.  For a few months, everything was left to Kryptix and the rest of the staff team.  Fortunately, Kryptix had become good friends with with a new member, MrPeppah (right).  MrPeppah became a reliable staff member and with his knowledge of Linux management, a new owner took the place of Jon1rocks.  With the leadership of both MrPeppah and Kryptix, OmniKraft has seen huge growth and increased development in new features for the community.

The Birth of Community-Focused Growth

   With the success of our SMP server, it has allowed OmniKraft to develop new ideas for servers over time.  We have offered Creative servers, where players could jump into a plot-focused world to develop whatever they want to build with little restrictions.  A Skyblock world that offered a twist on basic survival by restricting resources and forcing players to start on a floating island.  Minigame servers where members could build minigames for other's play for fun and competition.  Pixelmon where members could enjoy the fun of Pokemon in a Minecraft setting.  And currently, a Modded server where we offer a custom mod pack to expand exponentially the basic survival of Minecraft with machines, magic and automation.  

   With the communities continued support, we'll continue to grow and offer more unique experiences for our members based on niche ideas within the Minecraft community as a whole.  We want to ensure our members are happy and enjoy every minute they are in the community and on the servers, and the best way for us to offer that is with safe and secure servers where they can be themselves and try new things.

   Are you ready to join a community?