Our Beginnings

The saying when one door closes-another opens-is a perfect analogy for the start of OmniKraft. When the NewKraft owner suddenly shutdown the server in May 2013, Shrimpyzillaa and I as co-owners, and the lead admin Jon1Rocks, worked together to create OmniKraft to continue to provide a server for all the players on NewKraft. OmniKraft officially launched on June 16, 2013. After Jon1Rocks and Shrimpyzillaa moved on from the community, MrPeppah took on the role of co-owner in March 2015 to help me keep OmniKraft operating. There have been many changes and struggles for the community during it's lifetime. After four years of service, I decided it was time to pass on the torch of leading the community, TheGreatNaj choose to carry that torch with VentureKraft.

NewKraft (Feb 2012-May 2013) > OmniKraft (June 2013-June 2017) > VentureKraft

The Next Adventure - VentureKraft

When Kryptix announced his choice to step down, the staff of OmniKraft immediately rallied to continue work of offering a safe and fun Minecraft experience for the members. garathnor shared his idea of the next server, VentureKraft, and the rest of the staff followed, especially TheGreatNaj who took on the responsibility of ownership. The name came about to show that this will be a new direction for the community and to allow for more flexibility without the pressure of expectation that OmniKraft built up. Upon seeing the drive from the OmniKraft staff team to continue, Kryptix offered his services as a consultant to be a co-founder of VentureKraft and ensure it has the best chance to succeed!

Co-Founders: brjedi, CanofCelery, garathnor, HeyTheCanadian, PyroFin, TheGreatNaj

Time for Something Different

As a way to still offer something to the community, Kryptix started up OmniGamers. It's a Discord group around gaming, but not just Minecraft. There are regularly scheduled events to get everyone together to play and various chat rooms to discuss various topics. We hope to see you there!

Discord: https://discord.gg/Jvxp39C

Calendar: https://teamup.com/kszpefqp5nvvjpzk5t

A Special Thanks to You

When OmniKraft opened, it was never expected that the community would grow into what it did. OmniKraft wouldn't be where it was without you! While the community is large, what made it special was each individual who joined. Each member who joined was welcomed, and in turn, they welcomed the next member. Everybody helping each other out, becoming friends and being a family. All your support with voting, with donations and sharing it to your friends and providing feedback is what really helped us get to where we where. Regardless if you choose to find a new server to play or decided to join us on VentureKraft, we hope you'll keep the memories and all the friends you made here with you wherever you go!

We look forward to all of you joining us on our next adventure and seeing where things go!

To Those Who Served

I of course also want to give a thanks to everyone who was part of the staff team. This includes the staff who were around when we changed direction as well as to staff who had to move on or were demoted. Each one of you brought something special to the team, which ensure we provided the best experience to the community. I would have lost my mind and the drive to continue for four years if it wasn't for you, I just wish I could give you more for your service.

Shared Memories

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I wanted to share some of the pictures that either I took or were shared by the community that bring back great memories. If you'd like to see all the pictures shared, check our Google Drive album.

Thank You Again!

I couldn't thank all of you enough for being a part of something greater than any of us individually. We all made some great memories together, found new friends and shared a small part of our lives together to do something amazing! I hope that wherever life takes you, you have fair winds and following seas.

Kryptix - Co-Owner and Co-Founder of OmniKraft